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The small loan from private is suitable primarily for people who either want to take a loan from the immediate vicinity, for example, to afford more flexible rates, while also the interest burden is as low as possible (or completely eliminated) or just for People who have already been rejected by banks.

A retail loan is far more likely to be granted than a higher-end loan because the private person, who in this case acts as the lender, must provide the loan entirely from their own assets or savings. This is for many people, should the repayments not be done as expected, a great risk and possibly a default, even a big loss.

Foreign or known lenders?

Foreign or known lenders?

The lender of the personal loan may either be known or unknown, depending on which type of financing you choose as a borrower. Small loans from the immediate environment, so for example by family members or very good friends, are not uncommon in everyday life, the sum here often not even reaches a three-digit range. If a larger sum is needed, for example, to settle urgent bills or purchase a car, many prospective borrowers turn directly to their own parents or grandparents, even the partner can act as a lender.

The advantage with known lenders in any case in the fact that they adapt to the borrower due to the good personal relationship. As a rule, no interest is on the loan issued, also the rates for the repayment can be set fairly freely. The credit rating also plays only a very minor role, since the lender’s financial circumstances are generally known to the lenders.

On the other hand, unknown lenders, which can be found via exposés or various portals, pay particular attention to the creditworthiness of the lender, because they want to hedge their own investment sufficiently, which is why the interest burden is generally much higher than with banks.

No private credit entry on borrowing

No private credit entry on borrowing

A small private loan has the further advantage that a credit agreement is set up for this, but no automatic notification is given to the private credit. As a result, the own (good) private credit rating is maintained, even at a late rate, this is not affected. A good private credit rating pays off considerably in the future, especially if the next loan is to have a slightly higher value and is also taken out via a bank. Higher loans are rare in the private sphere.


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