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Nexus Pheromones testimonials

I was always wondering how some people manage to find their way around women so easily. As the matter in fact, I am not an ugly guy but I never had the success my best friend is having. Now, the thing is that he is pretty short, with no manners whatsoever and rather lively. I always thought that it is because of his untamed nature. Namely, the women are always smiling at his jokes and he seems to be the real joker. The thing is that for a man's company he is a pretty funny guy, but whenever I tried to apply his approach I was declared to be a pig. This was really confusing so I decided to make a bit of a research on the issue. It turned out that the pheromones are behind his success. That was quite depressing to know, but then I heard about the Nexus Pheromones spray and decided to give it a try. To be honest, I was quite surprised. Not long after that I figured out this is working like a charm and it was a real boost to my confidence. Even better, it turned out that two of us are the ideal wingmen to each other and now we have some really nice time going out together and making some really memorable and awesome stories.
Neil Franco, San Francisco, CA

I was never too much of a womanizer and it is pretty natural why the things are like that. Namely, I am not the prettiest man in the world and I was always a bit insecure in the company of women. This was of course the source of a lot of frustration and I slowly turned in to quite a solitary guy. Then, my sister got fed up with h this and she made me move a bit. In the beginning it was rather futile business as I was pretty clumsy and without any success. Then, she bought me a bottle of Nexus Pheromones and forced me to try them. I must admit that it was rather unpleasant and embarrassing, but my sister is sometimes like a Pit Bull so I figured out that it is best not to confront her. I sprayed those pheromones and went out with her. To be honest, I expected anything but what happened. All of her friends who are usually quite bitchy towards me were quite interested to hang out with me. Naturally, I figured they made a deal, so the next day I went out on my own and I was pretty amazed with the outcome. The same thing happened with completely unknown girls. Ever since I am using Nexus Pheromones and there is no way I am going to stop.
Lucas Neil, New York City, NY

I'm not going to lose too many words over the Nexus Pheromones. This is definitely the best product I ever bought on the internet and it really helped me out with the women. I strongly recommend it to anyone with similar problems.
Jake Glitch, Washington DC, WA