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How the Nexus Pheromones made the genuine Casanovas out of sorry me

I was never a kind of guy who will make girl’s heads spin. It is not that I am an ugly guy, but also I am not a model nor a macho dude. It is fair to say that I am just an ordinary bloke. My dressing code is simple; I was never prone to doing stupid things or anything that would break the surface of the lake of average. Yeah, this does sound a bit boring, so it is no wondered really that the women never considered me as a good catch. Well, that is a pretty natural outcome since I am a rather down to earth guy and pretty much focused on the intellectual side of the life.

Still, in one point of time I was rather upset since I needed some time to relax and there is nothing better for the issue than a girl’s company. In fact, the inability to make the right contact with the women made me pretty insecure and very distracted. So, of course, it also reflected on my studies and my work.

Luckily, I know that there are some really nice solutions for any problem and I decided to look for something to enhance my chances. Since I am pretty familiar with the issue, it was not too hard to find the solution. At least I knew what I am looking for.
So, while searching on the internet I came across the Nexus Pheromones and the combination seemed to be just what I wanted. Of course, the instant test was about to happen and I sprayer a bit and went to a disco to test it out. Discrete smiles and whispering with giggles was quite enough to tell me I hit the jackpot.

After that it all went easy and nice. That was one of the best evenings ever and I had some significant success. To be more precise, I ended up in bed but it wasn’t my bed and I wasn’t alone. Of course, after that everything was pretty much easier. I got a lot of confidence and it all turned quite nicely. Now whenever I want to make the impression I put a bit of Nexus Pheromones on and I know there will be some fun.

Of course, this is far from the end. My colleagues were pretty amazed with my success and asked me to disclose the secret of my success so I told them. After that we made the joint test and it was even better. Each of us managed to score that night and it turned out that this mixture is just perfect. Of course, our wits and the good manners were helpful as well, but it wasn’t enough before. The Nexus Pheromones turned out to be just the addition we needed and they are pretty much the best thing we came across so far. I do recommend them to every guy no matter how good looking or successful he is.